Ферментатор "ПОИСК"

POISK fermenter
Unit for preparation of starter cultures manufactured by GC «Yugprodmash»

One of the main factors affecting the quality and taste of bread is the stage of preparing the starter. The introduction of starter culture in the bread recipe allows adjusting the quality of the finished product: improving the crust color, taste, aroma, reducing the crumbling, increasing the freshness of the finished product.

The fermentation chamber (fermenter) is a unit that provides the required modes for the preparation of various ferments.

The modes are: temperature during different periods of the fermentation process; dough mixing time; dough mixing speed; period, duration and speed of mixing.

The fermenter can heat or cool the prepared ferment during the work process.
After the ingredients are laid in the container (water, flour and original culture), the further process takes place without operator’s intervention.

The sourdough is used in the quantity of 70% of its volume, after which water and flour are added. The process of preparation is repeated without using the starting (initial) culture.

Features of the POISK fermenter

The finished production starter (t = 25-27 °C) should be used within 2-4 hours, otherwise the production starter should be cooled to a temperature of 4-8 °C. At this temperature, it can be stored for 24 hours. At a temperature of no higher than 15 °C, the sourdough can be stored for 12 hours.

Among the technological properties and peculiarities of production of sourdough with the use of starter cultures in POISK fermenters, the following advantages should be noted:

— improvement of the taste characteristics of bread and the introduction of genuine natural flavors without using improvers, baking powder, etc.;

— a significant increase in the range of finished products;

— improvement of oxidative action, acceleration of fermentation process, strengthening of the dough gluten, increase of its water-absorbing capacity;

— increase of the form-retaining ability and stability of dough products;

— increase of the volume of finished products, of the crumb elasticity and the ability to form a crispy crust, an attractive appearance of the products;

— slowing the process of bread hardening;

— increase in tolerance and partial compensation of deviations in the technological process parameters;

— a significant decrease in salt consumption.

In terms of technical features:

— simplicity and convenience in handling;

— no need for systematic cleaning of the tank; daily manipulations are limited to displaying the main data required for controlling the process.

In addition to the bakery products quality, economic indicators are also improving:

— The decreased amount of used yeast;

— The output of finished products increases due to an increase in the water-absorbing capacity of gluten;

— There is no need to use any expensive additives.

Advantages of POISK fermenters

— increased accuracy of temperature maintenanc

— increased thermal insulation

— more than 100 programs for ferments growing

The enterprises of GC “Yugprodmash” produce the following types of fermenters:

50 l of useful volume

120 l of useful volume

300 l of useful volume

500 l of useful volume

The cost is from 590 000 rubles, depending on the tank volume

The total tank volume is two times larger than the useful one.

Fermenters with a useful volume of more than 300 liters are manufactured using a cooling lining in order to avoid freezing over the tank walls, as well as to evenly distribute the temperature.

The enterprise accepts orders for manufacturing fermenters of other volumes, including horizontal ones.

Containers, bodies and lining are made of corresponding grades of stainless steel.

As a bonus for buying the POISK fermenters with a useful volume of 300 and 500 liters, we can offer a free-of-charge technology setting for 5-10 types of products using modern ingredients, including ferments made using POISK fermenters of our production, with training and practice of your technologist in Moscow. The training period is 2-5 days.

The training of 1-3 people on the equipment technical operation will be carried out on site when the equipment is launched by experts of our Service Department of LLC «Yug-Service». Upon termination of training, a certificate will be issued.

Order POISK fermenter

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Our manager will advise you on all issues related to POISK fermenters. LLC PKP «BAK» provides its customers with reviews from operating bakeries and bread-baking plants on the supplied bakery equipment. We guarantee the quality and reliability of POISK fermenters by LLC PKP «BAK».