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Climate control unit

The POISK climatic control unit is designed to provide and maintain parameters of the dispensing medium inside the proofing cabinet or chamber at proofing dough products of bread and flour products before they are baked.

The unit is used to maintain conditions being optimal for proofing dough products based on yeast dough.

Forced heating and humidification of air inside the chamber thereby creates a working environment for the dough fermentation.


Parameters UMK-15
Rated voltage, V 380
Rated power, kWt 7,3
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Adjustable t0 of the working medium (tmах — 49 °С) automatically
Adjustable humidity of the working environment (max — 99%) automatically
Overall dimensions, mm (length*width*height) 445*500*1850
Proofer volume, m3 (for one plant) up to 15
Weight, kg no more than 80
Price, rub. at request

 The housing of the climate control unit is made of stainless steel. The control cabinet of the climate control unit has: indication of the steam generator activation; indication of heaters activation; switches of warming-up mode, control circuits power, work stop.
The control board (Fig. 1) is easy-to-use, designed to measure and control the temperature and humidity parameters inside the cabinet.

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LLC PKP «BAK» provides its customers with reviews from operating bakeries and bread-baking plants on the supplied bakery equipment. We guarantee the quality and reliability of climate control units by LLC PKP «BAK».