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POISK-240 electric tray oven

Быстрый просмотр

Energy carriers: electricity
Output: 240 loaves/hour or 5 m2 of the hearth area (30 trays of 310*650 mm)
Manufacturer: LLC PKP «BAK”

Price: from 550 000 rubles, depending on the oven configuration and the quantity purchased.

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POISK-240 electric tray oven
Description and technical data

The POISK tray oven is designed for the manufacture of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products from various grades of wheat and rye flour (pan bread, hearth bread, long loaves, small goods, biscuits, etc.). Bakers have an opinion that foods baked in tray ovens are more delicious, aromatic and beautiful than in other ones, thanks to the natural bakery process and the absence of aggressive air-blow of dough products, that is, the products pass through all temperature zones smoothly due to the rotation of the tray conveyor.

Our tray oven can operate without reconfiguration, simultaneously on gas or diesel fuel. The time to reconfigure the oven from diesel to gas and vice versa takes 30 minutes.


Small goods are baked using trays with a capacity of 50 kg per baking operation (≈20 min).

As an energy carrier, low-pressure natural gas, liquefied gas or diesel fuel are used (they are interchangeable). The use of a tray conveyor makes it possible to ensure a good uniform baking of all the products, since the dough products are in the same temperature conditions (there is no temperature level difference since the trays move from top to bottom and vice versa).

The steam generator provides the required quantity of steam (the amount of water supply is adjusted).

The control board consists of:

  • a thermal regulator;
  • a tray counter (shows the number of the tray that came to the load/unload opening);
  • a timer with an audible signal;
  • a device for adjusting the steam supply;
  • warning lights.

The oven consists of a frame, a baking chamber, a burner, a gas flue, a steam generator,
A power unit, a tray-rotor conveyor, facing panels, a load/unload unit with a door.

Heating of the baking chamber is made through the burner.
Combustion products are discharged through the gas flue into the atmosphere. Open fire and combustion products are isolated from the baking chamber space.
The oven body is made of steel, has a multilayer thermal insulation, thanks to which the external parts of the body do not heat above 40 ºC.
The reliability of the operation of our oven is ensured by the fact that all loaded rotating mechanisms are located outside of the heated zone and operate in a lite mode.


No. Performance parameter Parameter value
1 Nominal performance for wheat bread (loaves per hour)/hearth square, m2. 240 булок / 5 м.кв
2 Capacity of forms L10, L7 (pcs)/trays 310*650 240/30
3 Number of trays (pcs) 30
4 Baking tray size, mm 310х560
5 Rated electrical power (no more kW) 1
6 Rated voltage, V (frequency 50Hz, AC) 380
7 Nominal heat output, kW 30,6 — 56,3
8 Natural gas consumption (gas pressure, 130 mm, water column), m3/hour 3,1 — 5,7
9 Diesel fuel consumption (kg/hour) 2,7 — 6,3
10 Time of heating up the oven to +240 °C, no more than (min) No more than 60 minutes
11 Overall dimensions of the oven, no more than, (mm)
12 Weight, no more than (kg) 1525

Price: from 550 000 rubles, depending on the oven configuration and the quantity purchased.
Standard equipment includes:

  • Multi-layer thermal insulation
  • Frame
  • Baking chamber
  • Burner
  • Gas flue
  • Steam generator
  • Power unit
  • Tray-rotor conveyor
  • Assembled load/unload unit

Advantages of the POISK-120 tray oven

  1. We are manufacturers and developers (changes are made based on the work of the Service Department every 3-4 months).
  2. The baked products have a high quality. This particularly refers to pan bread, including rye-wheat grades.

— the baking is performed in a large volume of heated air. The air heating is also performed due to the natural convection (heat release by the burner due to laminar air flows);

— Therefore, this feature of the oven is extremely relevant for the production of any confectionery and small goods, as there is no aggressive blowing of bakery and confectionery products in the oven. Light creams, confectioner’s sugar and powders are not blown off the test confectionery items

  1. High reliability. The confirmation is:

— simplicity of design;

— all heated rotating units are located beyond the heating area;

— the units are designed with a 2-3x load margin;

— there is a backup oven control unit;;

— when the power is turned off, the trays can be rotated by hand for finishing the baking process.

  1. Repairability:

— all components are of domestic production: they are available for purchase at low cost.

  1. There is a unique dual-circuit steam generator with the ability to adjust the amount of steam supplied to the baking chamber
  2. Service availability:

— ready at any time to provide theoretical and practical assistance;

— the dispatcher on duty on a regular basis will consult on the oven settings or take an application for repair or maintenance;

— all spare parts are always in stock;

— at start-up, we train customer’s representatives on maintenance issues and we are always ready to consult them.

  1. There is a modern convenient control board with a membrane keyboard

The confirmation is:

— the keyboard is easily cleaned from flour and dough;

— the keyboard is easily updated to a new one (the cost is 100 rubles).

  1. The system of protection of the electric elements of the oven against the skew (breakage) of phases and voltage surges
  2. A strong, stable frame structure that does not require a perfectly flat floor surface of the bakery shop
  3. The multi-layer structure of the thermal insulation ensures heating of the outer walls of the oven body no higher than 40 °C.
  4. The unique design of the burner allows adjusting the uniformity of baking of all the dough products.
  5. Low energy consumption by reducing its loss, especially compared to rotary ovens (with open door).
  6. The equipment is delivered both assembled and disassembled (assembly directly at the customer’s site).
  7. There is low cost due to the fact that everything is developed and manufactured at our enterprise. We constantly work on reducing costs.
  8. Simplicity of loading-unloading.The ovens are loaded both using a forklift and a crane or a crane beam. For that, they are equipped with appropriate lifting ears.


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