Service of equipment for bakeries

The service center of PKP BAK is created on the basis of the bakery equipment manufacturer. Each service employee takes part in the design, production and development — the introduction of new technologies, improvements and testing of bakery equipment manufactured by our plant. Thus, experts participate in the full production cycle: from the equipment manufacture and commissioning, to baking bread. The experts have an accumulated vast experience in assembling, setting up and servicing bakery equipment.

Maintenance of the bakery equipment by PKP «BAK»

The geographical location of bakeries maintained by our Customer Service is constantly expanding. Our experts go out to perform start-up and maintenance of bakery equipment in different regions of our country and in the near abroad, from the Arkhangelsk region to the Republic of Dagestan, from the north to the south, from the Republic of Belarus to Chita, from west to east.
The main task of the Service Center is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of maintained bakeries and bread-baking plants.

Why our bakery equipment service?

We will help you solve all possible problems during the bread production.

Our experts will perform:

  • Installation works — assembly, installation, connection of equipment.
  • Commissioning — connection, start-up, adjustment, training of personnel, presentation of the equipment to the customer in the production process performed by the customer’s personnel.
  • Training of the customer’s personnel — by ways of working, peculiarities of operation and routine equipment maintenance.
  • Warranty repair of the equipment produced or sold by PKP “BAK”.
  • Maintenance of bakery and confectionery equipment is a set of activities aimed at ensuring its smooth operation. It allows extending the service life of the equipment, as well as minimizing losses from downtime and repair costs
  • The current and major equipment repair is the elimination of malfunctions that occurred during its operation..
  • Restorative equipment repair, for the used equipment — restoration of marketable condition, technical parameters, replacement of components at the customer’s request.
  • Used equipment upgrade — improvement of technical specifications, control elements and ease of use.
  • Consultations on technical, technological and economic issues in the construction of new and upgrading of operating bakeries, selection of required sets of equipment, including with the visit to the customer’s site.
  • Modernization of bakeries and bread-baking plants — equipment selection, installation, commissioning.
  • Supply, installation and adjustment of video surveillance systems over the course of the production process.
  • Repurchase of the used equipment.
  • 24-hour consulting assistance (hotline) by phone 8 (928) 623-43-23

Order bakery equipment service

In order to ensure the smooth operation of your enterprises, a round-the-clock hotline is arranged by phone 8 (928) 623-43-23.
At your request, the on-duty expert will give the required recommendations, hold consultations, and, if necessary, accept an application for repair or maintenance of your equipment.