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Bag dumper

The POISK bag dumper is designed to facilitate the process of sifting flour from bags at bakery, confectionery and other enterprises where the manual labor mechanization is required. It can be used to pour bags into the hopper of the feed transporter, dispenser or flour sifting-and-dressing machine.


No. Parameter name Parameter value
1 Carrying capacity, kg 60
2 Maximum height of the tray lifting, mm 900
3 Time of lifting, s 5
4 Time of return to the initial state, sec 5
5 Dimensions, L x W x H, mm 1025 х 840 х 1150
6 Weight, no more than, kg 90
7 Rated power consumption, kW 0,55
8 Rated voltage, W 380
9 Current frequency, Hz 50
10 Nominal angle of the tray inclination (to the horizontal), deg. 45

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LLC PKP «BAK» provides its customers with reviews from operating bakeries and bread-baking plants on the supplied bakery equipment. We guarantee the quality and reliability of bag dumpers by LLC PKP «BAK».